Explore Sint Joris Bay

Enjoy a tranquil time with friends on this spacious safe bay in nature learing to SUP. Stand-up-paddling is easy to learn and a lot of fun!

WestPoint Beginners Tour

We'll take you along the shoreline in the safe bay of Westpunt. This is a perfect place to learn how to sup-board in a breathtaking environment.

Caracasbay Snorkling & Sup

Join us on this special trip to the best snorkeling spots on the Island. Float along this popular peninsula along a fort, beaches and impressive anchored ships.

Coastal Sup Tours

Ask us about our custom tours along the southern coastline of Curacao.

Our coastal tours are one of Curacao's most unique day trips. Especially on days when there's not a lot of wind this is a unique experience. Picture yourself floating on the clearest blue waters with only the sound of nature. You will pass along places where few can get to, all during a chill-out ride on your board. Together we pick the right location to start and end, depending on group size and skill levels.


Stand up paddling is a unique way to enjoy the sea and its surroundings. It's a great exercise for your whole body. Learning to sup is not difficult. Most people will learn how to stand and pedal within 20 minutes. Standing on the water you experience your surroundings from a higher angle.


The coastline of Curacao is full of hidden treasures. There are many clusters of coral along The South coast. Most of them are secluded and only accessible by boat. By combining snorkeling with a sup adventure these places become within reach. Your setup is your safe haven on the water.


An adventure at sea also needs moments to relax and enjoy the views. We concentrate on having a perfect balance between exercise and leisure. We want your day in the ocean with us to be an unforgettable experience. So we adapt the tour to the dynamics and stamina off the group.

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