Caracasbay Snorkling Sup Adventure

Pricing & Specifications

All Tours include SUP-instructions, Guidance, SUP-boards, Paddles & Leashes!

2 to 3 persons: $70 p.p. (Ang. 125 local rate)
4 to 6 persons: $65 p.p. (Ang. 115 local rate)

What to bring
Sun protective lotion (Reef-safe!), Personal Snorkel Gear

Looking for a great day with the family at the beach or fun with friends paddling along the coast? This is the tour you are looking for!
The Caracas Bay peninsula is a large area where a lot of locals come to sport and recreate. This area, loved by tourists, is a dynamic place where restaurants, ship yards, bars and apartments are located. The Peninsula's unique character is determined by its varied view along the coast with historical monuments, anchored ships, rocky hills and beaches. Fort Beekenburg, a fort built-in 1703, is and icon of history in the area.
SUP & Snorkling Tour
The tour starts off at Baya beach, a small beach next to the fort. In the shallow waters at the beach front our guide explains all ins and outs about stand-up paddling and safety precautions.
After the group has acquainted itself with the sport, we set off along the coast two different snorkeling locations nearby. Depending on stamina and sup experience of the group the distance along the coast of the tour is planned.
You can be assured of a Sunday in the sun enjoying paddle boarding in a diverse environment and visiting the most beautiful snorkeling spots of Curacao.
Tours are planned on Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 3:00 and 6:00 pm.