WestPoint Beginners Tour

sup at sunset

Pricing & Specifications

All Tours include SUP-instructions, Guidance, SUP-boards, Paddles & Leashes!

2 to 3 persons: $65 p.p. (Ang. 100 local rate)
4 to 6 persons: $55 p.p. (Ang. 80 local rate)

What to bring
Sun protective lotion (Reef-Safe!), Personal Snorkel Gear

Westpoint Bay is an open bay area located at the far west side of Curacao. Behind the bay there is a small old fishermen town. This place is popular amongst locals for recreation. Along the bay there are hotels, apartments and some restaurants located. In this bay you'll find three secluded beaches, Westpunt Beach, Playa Piskado and Playa Kalki.
They are at walking distance from each other and each one has a unique character. The water in the bay is one of Curacao's most clearest. There are different nice view points over the bay. A visit to the small cave near the Kura Hulanda Hotel is also possible.
SUP Beginners
Because of the tranquil wind and calm sea the conditions in this bay makes the area perfect to learn how to SUP. There is enough space to wander around on your SUP without any dangers. At the shoreline it's also easier to get up on your board as you can stand in the water. Our guide will show you how to tackle stand-up paddling and will also teach you about safety. When your group is ready to take on a longer journey our guide will take you along the coastline to nearby caves and beaches.
The bay is known as a snorkeling spot amongst locals. Hundreds of small fish live under the pier of Playa Piskado. An encounter with sea turtles is common, as these unique creatures come to feed on fish leftovers that the fishermen throw in the sea every day. So be sure to bring your snorkeling equipment along. If you don't have any, we can provide these for you.
Tours are planned on Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 3:00 and 6:00 pm. The duration of the tour is 2 hours. We'll be beck just before sunset so you can experience "the golden hour".