Coastal Sup Tours

sup at sunset

"We started organizing sup-tours because as hobbyists we had a lot of fun on the water along the south coast. The views and peace of mind during the adventure make these tours a truly unique experience. The rocky coast of CuraƧao is alternated with many beaches. Many of these are only accessible by water. We wanted to share these experiences with others seeking adventure in nature"

Our coastal tours are one of Curacao's most unique day trips. Especially on days when there's not a lot of wind this is a unique experience. Picture yourself floating on the clearest blue waters with only the sound of nature. You will pass along places where few can get to, all during a chill-out ride on your board.
Tailored Adventures
On demand we can plan a tour that is adjusted to your preferences. In consultation with you we pick the right location to start and end your tour depending on group size and skill level. These tours are for more advanced SUP-ers or groups that have experience practicing water sports. We advice to first choose one of our more beginner tours in one of Curacao's bay areas before setting out on an open sea tour. Ask us for advice anytime.
Safety & Planning
Safety is always the first priority to take into consideration!
When planning activities at sea wind speeds and direction are imported factors. We asked participants to be flexible as the weather can change within hours. Ww will discuss any necessary adjustments with you as soon as possible after analyzing the weather forecasts.

Example Tour Starting & End Points

Caracas Bay

Marichi (Punda)

Piscadera Bay

Sint Michiels Bay

Kokomo Beach

Daaibooi Beach

Santa Martha Bay

Playa Santa Cruz

Playa Lagun

Playa Jeremi

Knip Beach (Groot & Klein)

Westpunt Bay

The Blue Room Cave

Visit this special place in Curacao by SUP Board!

Somewhere between Playa Santu Pretu and Boca Hulu you can find a cave called "The Blue Room". It is an underwater cave with an entrance through a narrow water passage. It is called the Blue Room because the reflections of the water colors everything inside the cave in many shades of blue. Although it's not a big cave, its secluded location and hard to find entrance make it an unforgettable experience.